09 October 2014

Three Hundred and Fifty-Six


Careening fast and furious towards extinction by our own hand
May well be a unique knock-down in this world’s relatively brief timeline.
What other species has ever had the capacity, and for more than a few, the inclination,
To despoil and destroy itself the way we of the two-legged stance do?

* * * *
Where would you be without your universe, or it without you?
You imagine yourself to be separate, but where is the seam?

* * * *
From where do ponderings such as these come?
Isn’t it obvious that we are all portals
To the same source?

* * * *
Free will?  Yeah, right.
Maybe to stop, go straight, turn around,
Or perchance go right, even left.
But even that is dubious.

* * * *
What an true scientist
Must first and foremost be
Is a seeker of that which is true,
Whatever it is, wherever it may lead.

* * * *
Another shopping day begins.
What else do you not need so badly?
What more can be bought that you will rarely,
Perhaps even likely, never use.

* * * *
Buy into a meme and your life will whirl
Its constricted pattern for the rest of your existence.
Doubt is the saving grace from an mind chock-full of absurdity.

* * * *
From the quantum, god-eye perspective,
What is any existence, any stream of consciousness,
But yet another footnote in the annals of the universal theater.
Important unto its Self, but really nothing more than a brief dreaming,
A brief notion, a brief glimmer in the play of time, in the quantum stardust of it all.