17 October 2014

Three Hundred and Seventy-Three


It is a mystery.
It is the mystery of all mysteries.
It is not a Christian mystery, it is not a Jewish mystery.
It is not a Muslim mystery, it is not a Hindu mystery, it is not a Taoist mystery.
It is a mystery that does not belong to, or favor, any –ist, or any –ism.
It is not subject to any idolatry, it is not subject to any dogma.
It is a mystery free and clear from any and all claims
By any individual or group across all infinity.

* * * *
Yet another collection of ethnocentric idol-worshippers
Bent on convincing everyone theirs is the one and only.

* * * *
Sometimes a good offense is the best defense,
Sometimes a good defense is the best offense,
And sometimes just best to get out of Dodge.

* * * *
What to do once you see?
Some flee it, some embrace it,
Some straddle the fence.
Whatever calls you,
Imitate no one.

* * * *
Forget the body,
Forget the mind,
Forget the world,
Forget the universe,
Forget everything.

* * * *
To wander in awareness,
Without accumulating this or that,
Free from ownership of any thought or thing.
Holding onto nothing, how difficult can that be, really?

* * * *
From infinite to infinitesimal, everything to nothing, known to unknown,
Top to bottom, great to small, here to there, this to that, that to this,
You are indivisibly, infinitely, perfectly, absolutely connected,
Yet completely, irrevocably, forever alone all the while.