17 October 2014

Three Hundred and Seventy-Two


A vastness filled with whirls of consciousness,
All within the same immortal, timeless awareness,
The quantum matrix of that which is prior to all naming,
That source that is the one witness within all great and small.

* * * *
Why would it ever possibly matter to be known in the minds
Of others you will never even have the misfortune to meet?

* * * *
All these so many thoughts really mean diddly-squat.
They are merely a means to the end of all beginnings.

* * * *
A multi-dimensional, ephemeral dream of matter,
With which you identify for a brief sense of time.

* * * *
The only real enduring solace
From the ceaseless storms of consciousness
Is immersing into the aloneness.

* * * *
How quickly a ripple can turn into a tsunami.

* * * *
We must all endure so much pain.
How is it we do not all feel compassion
For each other and all creatures great and small.

* * * *
Aphorisms are no different than fine wine.
Inhale them fully to plumb, to fathom the insight,
Imbibe them slowly to perceive, to discern the wisdom.

* * * *
Existence is indeed painful, but to be free and at ease is possible,
If you discern the calling, and are willing to let go of everything.

* * * *
Every body-mind is a facet of the ever-unfolding genesis,
An every-moment fabrication of evolution,
Nothing more, nothing less.