12 October 2014

Three Hundred and Sixty-Eight


There is ultimately only one law in this world,
And it is enforced with complete equanimity by Mother Nature.
Those who ignore or transgress this simple reality
Inevitably pay one price or another.

* * * *
And in the fleshy depths of the dark, churning cavern
In which your teeth gnash without remorse,
A new universe explodes into being.

* * * *
How can the blind ever be expected to see
That which it is not in their nature to see?

* * * *
We call the human species civil-ized?
Who, pray tell, do we think we are kidding?
Read it and weep:

civil |ˈsivəl|
courteous and polite

civilization |ˌsivələˈzā sh ən|
the stage of human social development and organization
that is considered most advanced

* * * *
Receiving everything from a silver platter
Does not build gumption and grit at the core.
Entitlement is a cancer, individually, collectively.

* * * *
Pssst, to all you true believers
Waiting for Armageddon,
He ain’t coming back.
Time put the middlemen behind you,
And start figuring out what he was talking about on your own.

* * * *
You need not submit to the dualistic notions of this world or any other.
They are but the sensory manifestations born of temporal limitation.