11 October 2014

Three Hundred and Sixty-One


Consciousness streaming simultaneously in every form life has ever taken.
Each and every one its own completely unique universe,
Each and every one simultaneously unfolding,
None ever exactly the same,
Yet all the while exactly the same.

* * * *
Who cares who said it?
Or what was said, where it was said,
When it was said, why it was said, or how it was said.
If it is true, it is true, and that which is true
Can never be bound or captured
By the limits of mind.

* * * *
You are not the body.
You are not the body.
You are not the body.
You are not the body.
You are not …

* * * *
Quibble, quibble.
Quibble, quibble.

* * * *
Just is-ing along.
Nothing is but what it is.
Nothing done, nothing left undone.

* * * *
Just because you think it
Does not mean you have to do it.
The world is for those who lack imagination.
It is in the moment-to-moment choices
That heavens and hells are created.

* * * *
You, who are the unfathomable, indivisible singularity,
Seem to have been born to experience the otherness, and may well do so
Until who knows how, who knows why, who knows when,
Who knows where, who knows what,
Who knows who.