12 October 2014

Three Hundred and Sixty-Six


This garden world has been spinning round and round for several billion years,
And the universe billions more than that, as it will be for eons more.
How can anyone seriously believe their imaginary notions
Are anything more than momentary wisps
In the grand totality of it all?

* * * *
What is required to awaken
Is to inwardly pay very close attention
In a non-intellectual, prior to consciousness way,
Until you very logically, without doubt, discern for your Self
That you, the witness, the observer, are the observed.
All duality is the concoction of imagination.

* * * *
How can anyone ever lead any other
To that source wherein there has never been a follower?
All any can really do is just point the way,
And without further adieu,
Call it a day.

* * * *
All these things you love and hate,
Desire and dread.
And poof!
Suddenly, they are all gone,
If they were ever really there in the first place.

* * * *
No need to put into words what words cannot tell.
Let the action of conduct and deeds be the message.

* * * *
The universe created of senses and mind
Is both the teacher and the greatest distraction.
A manifest dream in which the stillness of awareness
Is the locksmith to the momentary nature of an eternal life.

* * * *
The Muslim and Mormon religious shticks
Are only a few centuries less cultish than the Christian one,
And that merely a few less than the Egyptian, Persian, Greek, and Roman ones.
All established religions across the world are cults, just with more vintage upon which to lay vain claim.