25 November 2014

Four Hundred and Eight


Desire for gratification, dread of pain, curiosity about life, fear of death,
Are DNA’s evolutionary means in its futile attempt at immortality.
Keeping the mind from devolving into paranoia and paralysis
Is the moment-to-moment tightrope the mind daily walks.

* * * *
Once upon a time, in the old school world,
It was fire and sword that created mayhem and ruin,
But in the digital lunacy of these modern times,
You cannot push the save button too often.

* * * *
The newborn is pure awareness.
In the infant and child,
The seeds of consciousness
Begin gradually sprouting in the mind
In whatever way the winds of time may blow.
But it is in the awareness all truly are,
Have always been, will ever be,
It is from the source of all,
That eternal life ever springs.

* * * *
No one, no matter the rank or capacity,
Really has any authority, any say
Over your state of mind,
But you.
Freedom is a birthright
If you are fearless enough
To maintain it against all odds.

* * * *
Peace on earth
Requires peace of mind,
And good will towards each and all.
What are endings but outcomes of beginnings.

* * * *
Attitude is a bell curve
Ranging from joy to sorrow.
Where anyone journeys on the curve
Is all about the play of imagination that manifests
In the given mind, in the given context, in the given moment.