26 November 2014

Four Hundred and Eleven


The virtual reality is a programmed matrix born of an indivisible quantum dynamic,
An intelligent design well beyond the dogmatic reckonings of any monkey-mind.

* * * *
Contending that there is no god does not necessarily make someone an atheist.
It may simply be asserting that one refuses to subscribe to a limiting definition.

* * * *
The emotions of human perception are but the wiring of evolutionary origin.
Really nothing more than a temporal mutation in the mammalian paradigm.

* * * *
When you discern what is true and disappear into the timeless awareness,
The universe within and without converts to its untainted singular reality.

* * * *
Humility and modesty are just stilling the self-absorbed inner chatter,
Immersing into the imperturbable, timeless tranquility of awareness.

* * * *
God is prattled about in consciousness, merged into in awareness.
Always a case of earnest conviction versus discerning equanimity.

* * * *
Count the boulder fortunate that it need not collude itself a boulder,
And can merely sit alongside the river watching its world stream by.

* * * *
This streaming dreamtime moment will be at best partially perceived.
More likely quickly forgotten, and even more likely all but unnoticed.

* * * *
Sadly curious how the yearning for spiritual freedom can be so mangled
By those who so diligently strive to control anyone who naively allows it.

* * * *
Any earnest scientist inevitably discerns that the observer is the observed.
Measurement only goes so far before it breaches the boundaries of imagination,
The pale beyond which the eternal immeasurability is forever unknowable.

* * * *
You get told this, you get told that, everyone imagining every possible confabulation.
Consciousness is the wind of the mind, blowing every direction, inconstant in every way.