23 November 2014

Four Hundred and Five


Any Auschwitz, any mayhem upon others, is really only the inevitable outcome
Of the torture and genocide we practice on all our other fellow earthlings.
Compassion is a quality of existence initiated in each and every step.
The fate of the many is often bound up in the actions of a few.

* * * *
Born again into yet another manifest form,
And through her innumerable sirens, the primordial mother
Beckons you with every imaginable enticement
To one rocky shoal or another.

* * * *
You wander the maze of the given little mind
Until you perhaps some day discern
That it has always really been
Merely a reflection of the big mind.

* * * *
Simple beingness requires no identification,
No movement of thought, whatsoever.
Being in the world, and not of it,
Is to be, ever-present, now.

* * * *
Every life form on this planet
Learns to care for itself, or dies.
Much simpler than rocket science.

* * * *
… Here now … here now … here now …
… Now here … now here … now here …

* * * *
Most have always ignored truth,
So why would they pay attention now?
Much easier to commit every form of idolatry
Than to become what you truly are.

* * * *
Somewhere along the line,
You realize it just does not matter anymore,
But carry on as if it did, just to play out the character assigned,
The pattern being woven in your little stitch of time.