23 November 2014

Four Hundred and Four


Every mind the front and center stage in an entirely different play.
Each and every one the leading star of their own show,
All costumed up to reveal the inner reflection.

* * * *
Make awareness the default setting, and Eden reappears,
Although covered with asphalt, cement, fences,
And other patterns of born of mind.

* * * *
The literal-minded will never comprehend truth,
No matter how adroitly it is articulated.
It requires a figurative awareness
To ascertain the ultimate.

* * * *
The common sense that is not common,
One either has it or has it not.
Count your blessings
If you somehow
Had it from the get-go.

* * * *
As fascinating and absorbing as history
And all things intellectual are,
They are all imagined,
And therefore, ultimately, unreal.

* * * *
There is no love, there is no hate.
There is no light, there is no sound,
There is only the singularity of awareness
From which all else is imagined.

* * * *
All relationships are political,
And though many may foster equality,
More than a few devolve into power and control.

* * * *
The Great Quantum is, indeed, great.
And I, you, we … are all filaments of that greatness,
Born to witness whatever ecstasy and agony the given reverie decrees.