29 November 2014

Four Hundred and Nineteen


The most majestic tree,
Really no greater than a simple blade of grass.
The most ornate flower, really no more profound than a modest weed.

* * * *
Awareness is the one and only real you prior to consciousness.
Consciousness is nothing more than imagination
In the playground of the mind.

* * * *
If you enjoy and embrace the worldly world,
There are an endless number of distractions offered.
If not, well, you are either in for a bumpy ride,
Or on your way to becoming very still.

* * * *
Every streaming moment the quantum matrix
Vibrates itself indivisibly, immortally anew
Within and without the one and only you.

* * * *
Of what need does pure consciousness
Have for any thing, or any other?
Freedom is without compare.

* * * *
It is a god-eat-god world.
Chew well.

* * * *
From formlessness you arise,
To formlessness you will return,
To what you have ever really been.

* * * *
If this dream is happening,
Then what dream is not possible
In the grand theater of infinity’s rainbow?

* * * *
You can be as small-minded as everyone else
When you forget you are awareness, not the body.
Samsara is an enduring 24/7/365-all-your-life antagonist.