25 November 2014

Four Hundred and Six


The Jesus-walking-on-water allusion is obviously figurative from a quantum perspective.
And he probably brought the wine and bread, and Lazarus was more than likely not really dead.
Accepting anything literally that you have not for your Self scientifically observed and/or experienced,
Is generally a dubious misstep into the ceaselessly precarious absurdities of any and all delusion.
Hold fast to the rational, the sensible, the balanced, the coherent, the logical, the realistic.

* * * *
Reminiscence all the conversations in which you have ever participated
And wonder at this astounding theater of consciousness
In which you are ever center stage.

* * * *
All religions are limiting for those earnestly seeking truth.
No group, no other, can long aid in discerning
That which is totally alone, without peer.

* * * *
You are the spark, not the fuse.
The fuse is but a dream along which light travels
For but the briefest of whiles.

* * * *
Alas, the garden our kind has fashioned,
And is daily continuing unabated to fashion,
Is all really just festering wounds and scar tissue
For who knows how many dystopian epochs to come.
It will likely take the tectonic plates more than a few moons
To completely expunge the innumerable inanities
Of our relatively brief time in the sun.

* * * *
If it is all indivisibly one, if time and space are not real,
Then where can there have ever been any beginning, any end?
Any boundary, any rend?  Any inner, any outer?  Any this, any that?

* * * *
Your fellow earthlings surely deserve a modicum of respect and consideration.
After all, we all slimed our way out of the same puddle in some way back when.

* * * *
… detach … big breath … detach … big breath … detach … big breath … detach … big breath …
The absoluteness, the sovereignty, the indivisibility of eternal life, eternal freedom,
Is an in-the-moment-unburdened-by-all-the-baggage kind of thing.