29 November 2014

Four Hundred and Sixteen


Once you have glommed the gist, the drift, the point, the kernel,
What dog and pony show, what theater of the absurd,
Could possibly be all that appealing?

* * * *
The truth of awareness requires nothing.
No laws, no principles, no dogma, no creed, no hierarchies,
Fabricated by the mind-made limitations
Of self-serving middlemen.

* * * *
How much better off this garden world would have been
If the three religions that sprang from the desert
Had been forever drowned in the sand.

* * * *
Surround yourself with those who always acquiesce,
And you will likely always hear your right answer.

* * * *
The notion of history is sculpted in countless ways
Through the never-ceasing, indivisibly eternal now.

* * * *
What greater folly, what greater absurdity
Could there possibly be in this inane dream of a world
Than to try to influence its illusory course?

* * * *
The instantaneous journey home is not for the meek.
They will, indeed, inherit the earth and all its limitations,
For that is the far shore horizon of their given vision.

* * * *
Since you are truly everything,
In your immortal never-born-never-die way
You experience birth, life and death every passing moment
In a nearly infinite number of ways.

* * * *
It has always been your voice speaking to you
Through the innumerable others you have encountered
Throughout your mortal existence in the dreamtime of samsara.