25 November 2014

Four Hundred and Ten


How seriously to take this kaleidoscoping dreamtime depends on your nature.
To be light and breezy all the time, well, few can truly manage to be that free.

* * * *
Where is the exact demarcation between this so-called good and evil?
A line or two in the sand of an ever-shifting consciousness, indeed.

* * * *
Any given universe offers an all but infinite set of experiences,
But no lesson is ever learned until you teach it to your Self.

* * * *
Wisdom is wisdom across all time, across all space.
None can ever possess what is discernable by all.

* * * *
Barefoot in the remnants of an ocean wave,
What is that sand rushing between your toes,
But you in yet another of the myriad forms.

* * * *
Any given mind is an ever-fluctuating wanderfest,
No matter the landscape or horizon or pale beyond.

* * * *
The garden world you might have happily preserved,
Were such a thing even possible, was long ago undone.

* * * *
Feel the craving of worms for your sack of juicy, tasty flesh,
As you wander above ground for only but a little while longer.

* * * *
Are you looking at things with fresh eyes, with an alert, serene mind,
Unfiltered, uncompromised, untethered, by the mirage of imagination?

* * * *
Unless their actions force you to pay attention to their ceaseless absurdities,
Why should you care even one iota what all the other monkeys think and do?

* * * *
Amazing as it is in its function as a portal into this touchy-feely sensory dreamtime,
What a revolting piece of work the human body once you yellow-brick-road it closely.