26 November 2014

Four Hundred and Thirteen


Where to go if you are happy here, where to be if you are satisfied now.
So many looking for happiness and satisfaction everywhere but within.

* * * *
You are each and every moment born completely anew.
Why should you ever feel at all bound or obligated
To be the same in everything you say and do?

* * * *
Freedom is in the clarity of awareness,
Not the quantum theater of sensation.

* * * *
Be anonymous without.
Be anonymous within.

* * * *
Your entire universe
Is but a speck of dust
At the tip of a fingernail
At the edge of the infinity
That is all the only you,
You have ever been.

* * * *
Pain is the unjust dessert.
Chew well.

* * * *
Eternal life
Is forgetting everything,
Even that perceived but a moment ago.

* * * *
This vast edifice is entirely imagined.
It is not, has never, will never be truly real,
No matter how diligently you strive to believe it so.

* * * *
How do you wish this dream to continue is the question,
For you are all the players across time in your mind.
Will it be a simple, pleasant, even joyous dreamscape?
Or a dystopian nightmare from which none will ever escape?