26 November 2014

Four Hundred and Twelve


No culture reigns supreme but through its covetous intolerance of others,
And its ability to subjugate and annihilate through the will born of mind.

* * * *
Each of us every day in every way work often times very hard
To hold our ever-changing perception of a universe together.

* * * *
In all our myriad forms, all our myriad minds,
We are all the same witness, the same consciousness
Playing out different portions of same mystery.

* * * *
The deification of a lie can never be true.

* * * *
The repetitive grooves of limited thinking
Only grow deeper and more and more confining
As eternity does its time-marches-on thing.

* * * *
What good is knowledge, what good is history,
If you have not learned the many lessons offered?

* * * *
You will be at the portal of the one and only truth
When the words no longer sound like just another lie.

* * * *
In natural selection, there is the survival of the fittest.
In unnatural selection, it is the thriving of the inadequate.

* * * *
A child’s reality is unanchored to the whirling swirl of time.
It is the rare few who truly rediscover that newborn freedom.

* * * *
A woman’s affection is often full of limiting terms and conditions,
To which many a male seems genetically programmed to concede.

* * * *
If there is any ultimate purpose or meaning to this mystery of existence,
Surely it is realization of the singularity within and without all creation.