04 November 2014

Three Hundred and Eighty-Four


Who cares who said something, did something,
Penned it, drew it, composed it, cooked it, created or demolished it.
Ultimately, that it was played out is all that matters.
The same genesis is within all.

* * * *
In the immense, holographic dreamscape,
Someone had to be at the right place at the right time,
Or the wrong place at the right time.
It just may or may not
Have been you.

* * * *
That humankind considers itself superior
To all other life forms great and small,
Is the greatest absurdity ever told.

* * * *
Creed, dogma, canon, belief, faith,
Are not the truth, the life, the way.
You are the truth, the life, the way.

* * * *
The observer is the observed,
And the observed is the observer.
There just ain’t no two ways about it.

* * * *
Allowing total strangers,
Many of them fools or demons,
To decide they should be your leaders,
How mad is that?

* * * *
How amusing to witness consciousness
Playing out its seemingly endless menagerie,
But when the curtain comes down, is not every stage
Really very much of the same theater?

* * * *
Either you have the incisive intelligence to discriminate it, or you do not.
No waffling, no babbling, no playing-the-middle-maybes.
No iffing, no anding, no butting about it.