04 November 2014

Three Hundred and Eighty-One


There is nothing practical about knowing you are Brahman.
Much of the time you may well be considered
Quite eccentric, even mad.
It is not easy being a chosen One.

* * * *
Speaking the truth is always called blaspheme,
Insubordination, insurrection, revolution,
By those who do not want to hear it.

* * * *
What have you not done under your sun?
Right here, right now.

* * * *
Friends are the better way.
Followers only muck it up.

* * * *
The tyranny of words,
Of sound given concept,
Bind us, blind us to the truth
Prior to their origin.

* * * *
Sewing is welding with cloth.
Welding is carpentry with metal.
Carpentry is sewing with wood.
Artisans come in all flavors.

* * * *
You are the first, you are the last,
Everything between, before, and after.
There is ultimately naught but you, you alone.

* * * *
Why would the moment after the last gasping breath
Be any different than the one before it?
Or the one just before birth
Be any different
Than the one just out of the womb?
That totality which was never born is without attributes.