07 November 2014

Three Hundred and Eighty-Seven


Every language is the unique way any given human grouping
Conceptualized the time and geography from which they originated.
What an expansive state of consciousness it would it be to fathom them all.

* * * *
Whatever happens to you in this brief mortal existence,
You must ultimately work out on your own.
No one can really save you
If you will not to your Self lend a hand.

* * * *
To abide in this dreamtime manifest theater,
All must, all will, in one way or another,
Play along with the given collusion.

* * * *
There is nobody to follow
In the quest for the infinity of truth,
Because it cannot be taught,
Nor can it be learned.

* * * *
Why do you doubt your light?
Why do you doubt your truth?
Why do you doubt your Self?

* * * *
You are free, no charge.

* * * *
For a mortal duration,
Through one seed or another,
You awaken yet again in consciousness.

* * * *
We all, each and every one,
Establish a set of arbitrary assumptions,
To which we daily adhere and project upon our world.

* * * *
What someone said, what somewhat heard,
What are the odds that anyone, no matter how nimble,
Ever really entirely grasps any other’s frame of reference spot on?