04 November 2014

Three Hundred and Eighty-Two


God forbid we ever cross space to reach another garden paradise,
When all our species has ever really done to this world
Is subjugate, exploit, torture, and slaughter.
Curious how easily guardianship gave way to greed.

* * * *
To the youth of the morrow’s space and time,
Have you educated yourself to your best advantage?
Will your skill set enable you to survive,
And perhaps even thrive?

* * * *
You are not That I Am, you are This I Am.

* * * *
You are drawn to thoughts such as these
Because of an introspective caliber
Mortal limitation cannot contain.

* * * *
Everything transmutes eventually.
It is just how and when, not if.

* * * *
Sometimes you wander,
Sometimes you sit,
Sometimes you eat,
Sometimes you sleep.
Sometimes you are busy.
Sometimes you do nothing at all.
Sometimes you just are, and that is enough.

* * * *
If you want to save your children
From sickness, injury, aging and death,
And the countless forms of torment throughout,
Probably best not to bring them here in the first place.

* * * *
Any fate largely depends
To what end the given persona will go
To appease their hunger, their thirst, their craving,
Their unquenchable, passionate yearning for more, more, more.