18 November 2014

Three Hundred and Ninety-Five


What is this inexplicable universe but an enormous aquarium filled to the brim with quantum essence
Playing out every conceivable permutation consciousness might project, and physics allow.
Intelligent design, indeed: indivisible, total, sovereign, real prior to any perception.
The everything and the nothing, indelible well prior to anything imaginable,
And you the one and only witness, born of the same enigmatic source.

* * * *
We human becomings can learn to get along, or not.
To cooperate, tolerate, and together survive,
Or to beat madly about, and die off,
It does not at all matter to anyone but us.

* * * *
We all share the same awareness,
The same dream of time and space,
Yet each and every one is utterly unique.
All frames of reference are relative
Until what is seen is no more.
All judgment is absurd.

* * * *
It is your show.
Enjoy in joy as best ye may,
Or wallow in misery if that be your bent.
No matter from the ultimate view.

* * * *
Reality is so much more than any words,
And idols, rituals, costumes, symbols or dogmas
Can ever even begin to clearly ascertain.

* * * *
The world is an ocean of thoughts,
Crashing, swirling, drifting,
And You, the real You, the one and only You,
Is witness to it all, ever free despite all the clamor of the senses
Playing out in the imaginarium of the mind.

* * * *
Poor old Jesus, all his groupies just will not let him rest in peace.
Always remembering him up on that cross in complete and utter agony,
As though there really was something glorious about being painfully scourged.
At least Buddha, for all his effort, gets to hang out as a serene statue in a lot of gardens.