18 November 2014

Three Hundred and Ninety-Four


What are belief and atheism but mind-made assumptions, conjectures,
Two sides of the same old coin of human persuasion.
Agnosticism, not pretending to know,
Is far more honest.

* * * *
What if ... humankind transformed its vain paradigm
To something more aligned with the garden,
And all its creatures great and small,
And perhaps even one another.
Everybody, on three: One, Two, Thr …

* * * *
Heaven, hell, 'tis ever the same.
There is no other side, no other way.
Despite all dualistic notions to the contrary,
It is all the same quantum oneness.

* * * *
Traces of perception
Harvested by the senses,
Warehoused on a neuron trail
For imagination to fashion
Into another bit of time.

* * * *
Before good and evil,
Before all its causes and effects,
There is only the vast unknown stillness.
Within it is the truth, the freedom,
For which the real you yearns.

* * * *
From the first breath to the last,
What is the sensory mind really about
But hedonistic consumption of its universe,
And a narcissistic fixation with an imaginary self.

* * * *
Nature is the mystery’s expression,
And humankind but one of its myriad creations.
Separate only in consciousness, dualistic only in the mind,
In no way any less indivisible than all creation can be from its creator.