21 November 2014

Three Hundred and Ninety-Six


All that is done is simultaneously undone each and every moment.
Whether it is taken seriously or with a chuckle makes no matter, whatsoever.
No point of consciousness has ever been more than the timeless transience of imagination.

* * * *
If Jesus and his omniscient-omnipresent-omnipotent Daddy
Really want/need to be believed in as much as so many seem to assume,
Well, then let him reappear and prove two thousand-plus years
Of idolatrous absurdity were worth the wait.
Put up or shut up, so to speak.

* * * *
You cannot save anyone from their inevitable fate.
You may play a part, but it is they alone
Who must live out their dream.

* * * *
The seeds of a great dark age are sewn,
And woe unto those innocent beings
Who are not prepared and vigilant.

* * * *
Joust with others if you will,
Or sit quietly beside a forest stream,
It is ultimately all the same.

* * * *
Only that which is godness
Can spin something from nothing
Every moment for all eternity.
And you, witness to it all.

* * * *
Call it destiny, fate, kismet, dream,
It is ever ephemeral and time-bound,
And has no lasting nature, whatsoever.
Only that prior to quantum dust has merit.

* * * *
You are imagined within me, and I within you.
Each of us fathoming our little dreamtime selves real,
Yet nothing more than ephemeral junctures of consciousness,
Nothing more than illusory drops in this indivisible quantum mystery.