07 November 2014

Three Hundred and NInety


And God so hated the world he had created that he gave his only son
To spawn a religion that would assure its destruction
Through every absurdity imaginable.

* * * *
If there is a god, it surely must be the same for all.
And here humanity is, ceaselessly battling
Over dogmas all belief inspires.
The sheer inanity of our limited vision
Is the madness of vanity beyond all reckoning.

* * * *
Neither past nor future exist.
Nowness is your kingdom.

* * * *
What is freedom?
What is truth?
What is real?
What is not real?
What is aloneness?
What is indifference?
What is absoluteness?
What is contentment?
What is detachment?
What is equanimity?
What is happiness?
What is serenity?
What is bliss?
What is totality?
What is the Way?
What is That I Am?

* * * *
In the world … seemingly so.
But of it? Well, daily less and less.
What has practicality got to do with it?

* * * *
The ecology of the passionate mind
Is little more than a muddled, discordant jumble.
The real you prior to consciousness is spacious awareness
From the deepest within to the farthest without.