04 November 2014

Three Hundred Eighty-Five


Everyone is going to likely need a little experience under the belt
Before they can comprehend that it is all imagined.
Few, if any, are born enlightened,
And fewer still with the inclination to live free.

* * * *
Any given life is but a fleeting sense of space and time
In which the ever-present ether of awareness
Equally permeates every moment.

* * * *
No point in dreading the inevitable demise.
All anyone can do is watch and wonder
Until the Reaper, grim or otherwise,
Shows up to harvest the party.

* * * *
Nothing to grasp, nothing to spurn.
Nothing to say, nothing to take back.
Nothing to know, nothing to not know.
Nothing to establish, nothing to dissolve.
Nothing to hold on to, nothing to let go of.
Nothing to embrace, nothing to relinquish.
Nothing to borrow, nothing to pay back.
Nothing to retain, nothing to renounce.
Nothing to accept, nothing to reject.
Nothing to do, nothing to undo.

* * * *
Discerning the infinite truth of your Self
Erases all karma, erases all consequences,
And aligns your dreamtime fate with eternity.

* * * *
Why does anyone need any religion to be kind?
Why does anyone need any doctrine to be considerate?
Why does anyone need any scripture to live a balanced existence?

* * * *
No mortal seed defies gravity more than a brief while.
And those who would challenge its obvious force,
Without due consideration and great respect,
Inevitably submit to a harsh lesson very quickly.