21 November 2014

Three Hundred Ninety-Eight


Despite the mind's preference for anything over its opposite,
At the essential level, there is no real difference
Between any pleasure or pain,
Any good or evil.

* * * *
If you are not at peace, if you are not somewhat content,
It might be time to recalibrate those assumptions,
Or perhaps be finished with them entirely.

* * * *
Discern the simplicity prior to consciousness,
The clarity born of pure awareness,
That which is witness
To all that is known and unknown.

* * * *
What matter if no one but you alone
Ever sees it, lives it, or dies it?
You are soul witness to it,
Forever first and last.

* * * *
Same old, same old,
Repackaged for another run.
‘Tis all so predictable.

* * * *
Until you can clearly declare,
"I am the truth, the life and the way,"
And deeply, intuitively perceive what it implies,
You have not quite figured it out.

* * * *
You are not the body
Moving through time and space.
You are the eternal awareness witnessing
A temporal, three-dimensional weaving of the senses.

* * * *
This is the only here now there can ever be.
The infinite singularity made manifest in the finite moment,
Timelessly discerned through the consciousness of each and every witness.