21 November 2014

Three Hundred Ninety-Nine


It is not your consciousness, my consciousness, or anyone else’s consciousness.
It is simply consciousness playing out in every mind in every way imaginable.

* * * *
All the gibberish, all the babble, all the drivel in the world, means nothing.
Be still, and know that you are, have ever been, will ever be, That I Am.

* * * *
No one can be truly responsible for anything beyond their control,
Which, for all practical purposes, is just about everything, really.

* * * *
Just because this theater wanders to the far reaches of absurdity
Does not mean you cannot enjoy the agony and ecstasy of it all.

* * * *
So many groups in this world claiming persecution by others
To justify their favor in the vain eyes of some imaginary god.

* * * *
Awareness is, prior to the conscious dream of time and space
Fabricated in the quantum-neuron matrix of any given mind.

* * * *
Without its bag of assumptions, to what would the mind hold?
Would that it were so simple to tranquilly let go of everything.

* * * *
Every sort of distraction will haunt you until you set them all aside.
Not easy for any dreamer to detach completely from the sensory play.

* * * *
When all is said and done, it matters less how you spent your existence,
Than whether or not you had the intelligence to discern it clearly and true.

* * * *
The play of imagination requires collusion for the world of mind to abide.
As Shakespeare through Hamlet spoke: To be, or not to be, that is the question.
You need not participate in any of it if you have the courage to stand alone.

* * * *
Family, friends, and foes alike, all drying up and blowing away in the winds of time.
And what is real?  And what is not real?  Need we ask anyone to tell us these things?