26 December 2014

Four Hundred and Fifty-Five


The question for the young is ultimately less, “What to become?”
Than it is, “How do you want to dance your very short while?”

* * * *
Any would-be deity that does not include absolutely everything
Is merely mumbo-jumbo born of the half-baked monkey-mind.

* * * *
And what of those who will not adapt to the coming change?
Well, as always, they shall be fodder in one stew or another.

* * * *
Something that  is well-said, something that is well-written,
May mean something different every time it is said or read.

* * * *
What any other thinks of you, what you think of any other,
Is meaningless once you discern all things great and small
Are ultimately within and without the source you truly are.

* * * *
Kiss up, kiss down, or serve all equally with fair intention,
Is always the choice of any who play the game of hierarchy.

* * * *
The real you is indivisible, unchanging, sovereign, absolute.
Repeat after me: I am the Way, I am the Truth, I am the Life.

* * * *
Still the mind, breathe in, breath out, in awareness, You are.
The seeker is that which is sought, it is that simple, that clear.

* * * *
What do all these thoughts, all this knowledge, all this trivia,
Mean, really, to a mind that has been stilled into eternal grace.

* * * *
Regarding any religious assumption, any spiritual speculation,
You really only know what someone else did not know, either.

* * * *
You are both the protagonist and antagonist of your own dream,
Your own jailer in an imaginary prison built of mind and senses.