31 December 2014

Four Hundred and Fifty-Six


True meditation is not at all forced,
And no tradition, no scripture, no posture, no symbol,
No dogma, no mantra, no status, no garb, no diet, no gender, no vernacular,
No attribute contrived by the monkey-mind is in any way required to abet its momentary process.
Pure awareness is the source, the baseline, the witness, of all quantum creation.

* * * *
However immense and majestic the vision these words may attempt to convey,
Its reality is so much greater than even the greatest imagination
Will ever be able to even remotely imagine.

* * * *
Perception is but a very infinitesimal, very biased sampling
Of the quantum vibrating within all patternings,
Whose mystery is ever-present.

* * * *
Smart phones making for dumber and dumber people.
Finger quick with a click, but not a lick of sense
On how to sow a seed, support its growth,
Or harvest and process it for the seasons ahead.

* * * *
You are born now, you live now, you die now.
Time is just a temporary state of imagination.

* * * *
If someone was really going to take your advice,
Would they have even needed it in the first place?

* * * *
You are so caught up in the sensory dream,
So hypnotized, so conditioned, so brain-washed,
That you believe it all real, you believe it all important.
You believe everything thought, you believe everything felt.
All is vanity, nothing more, nothing less, nothing but,
And it the key to the mind in which you reside.

* * * *
Find your own voice, free of all the conditioning.
Free of the misinformation and disinformation of propaganda.
Free of the indoctrination and habituation of any brain-washing, whatsoever.
It is in there if you have the courage to stand alone against all tides.