18 December 2014

Four Hundred and Forty-Eight


Hello, how are you today? I’m fine, how are you? Fine, thank you. Have a good day. You, too.
No matter the language, no matter the culture, no matter the time, no matter the whatever,
Have human greeting rituals ever really been any different anywhere in the world?

* * * *
Fate is fate.
To think it has ever been at all changed
Is akin to believing going right or left, forward or back, faster or slower,
Really means anything.

* * * *
There just is no stopping it until the train tumbles off the tracks,
And even then you can be sure it never ends,
As it never began.

* * * *
The human drama perhaps boils down
To our unceasingly futile effort to keep things the same
Once we have irrevocably changed them.

* * * *
The question any would-be-wanna-be parents
Should clearly reflect upon before casting their seed,
Is whether or not they would want to come back
To the dystopian tsunami daily unfolding.

* * * *
Do not believe even for a moment
That anything you have ever spoken or written
Will significantly modify or change the human paradigm.
Toying with history is an amusing diversion,
But more than likely futile fare.

* * * *
The monkey-mind is chock-full of irrationality.
Only minds establish upon prudent, disciplined inquiry,
Can have any reasonable likelihood of approaching existence
With some evenhanded measure of rational integration.

* * * *
The nuances of any given history are seemingly unfathomable.
Every witness perceives the same things as no one else ever will.
We are all wandering about the same theater in different universes.