12 December 2014

Four Hundred and Forty-One


Have we not seen enough cults to know that every group creates its own mythology
To sustain its groupthink vision, its groupthink vanity, its groupthink raison d'etre.
No need to believe, no need to follow, no need to subscribe to any limited notion.

* * * *
It is the same awareness in all,
Dreaming eternally in one simultaneous here now,
Witness to all creation in every way in one synchronized indivisible instant.

I, Quantum

* * * *
Any given personality is really nothing more than a byproduct
Of the response of consciousness to the winds of time,
And all the attachments to its imaginary state.

* * * *
You cannot fit a square block
Into a round hole, nor a round block into a square one.
And never the twain shall they meet.
Just the way it is.

* * * *
All your experience, all your knowledge,
And you still the unknown all the while.

* * * *
So many facets, so many reflections,
What is a quantum mind, a god mind to do,
But be as detached as the awareness ever allows.

* * * *
Anyone can discern that which is eternal
If they are able to inwardly liberate everything.
The eye of a needle is only as small as the eye is blind.

* * * *
To be unconcerned about the many concoctions of space and time
While the clock ticks, ticks, ticks away, that is, indeed, the challenge.

* * * *
That which is God, that which is Self, that which is Quantum, that which is You,
Is far greater than the collaboration, than the synergy, the relativity, of all its parts.