18 December 2014

Four Hundred and Forty-Six


The array of experiences each mind perceives fashions its own future.
One’s fate is assured; it cannot be other than what it is.
The ever-shifting sands consume all.

* * * *
There was nothing before you, will be nothing after you,
And, challenging as it may well be to discern,
Is nothing within you all the while.

* * * *
It was knowledge that blinded the vision of Eden.
It is awareness that will make it apparent again.

* * * *
It may well be less “The horror! The horror!”
Than it is “The absurdity! The absurdity!”

* * * *
Nothing is the matter, the matter is nothing.

* * * *
The civilized man is only fooling himself.

* * * *
It is all merely an intriguing, temporal veil.
So it goes. deal with it, get over it, move on.

* * * *
True wealth is cannot be measured by any number,
Woven by any words, nor captured within any form.
Serenity is far too immediate to long endure in minds
Filled with greed, lust, and other passionate ambitions.

* * * *
All the things you have said and done
To please, to gratify, to satisfy others, to what end?
For whom do you still pretend?  For whom do you still perjure?

* * * *
Why would you really need to believe the mythology,
The folklore, the legends, the customs, the traditions, the history,
All the many perceptions, of any given culture, ultimately real and important,
Including that dreamy sliver of time which you call your own?