31 December 2014

Four Hundred and Sixty


You cannot hold onto the good any longer, nor get through the bad any more quickly.
All must be enjoyed or endured as consciousness allows.
And the awareness ever untouched.

* * * *
What quality of parenting is there when parents are staring into screens,
And their offspring beside them, inhaling burgers, sucking up sodas?

* * * *
It is not original sin, it is original separation,
And it happens every instant one forsakes the eternal moment,
Every time one embraces the pretense of knowing
Imagined by the mind bound in time.

* * * *
From the bliss of the womb,
Through the birth canal, into hell.
Thank you, Mother, thank you, Father,
For an excursion surely no one of sound mind
Would ever even more than fleetingly fantasize taking.
And the real nightmare is you know what:
That it might well happen again.
Bwahahahahaha …

* * * *
Never forget that you are a part of the insanity,
That no matter every exertion of mind,
You are separate from nothing.

* * * *
Any definitions of that which is godness,
As ludicrous as all delineations ultimately are,
Should always be as nebulous as imagination allows.

* * * *
Each and every mind falls pray
To whatever instigates the greatest delusion,
To whatever carves the deepest furrow in the patterned mind.

* * * *
Smoke and mirrors at each and every turn.
How can anyone who is truthful be anything but agnostic
About questions whose many answers can never be more than speculation?