05 December 2014

Four Hundred and Thirty-Five


All these sounds are but interchangeable concepts describing the same unfathomable reality:
God, Brahman, Buddha, Jesus, Allah, Soul, matrix, unicity, oneness, stillness,
Indivisible, sovereign, absolute, awareness, consciousness, bliss,
Serenity, divinity, nothingness, totality, dream,
Universe, ether, quantum …

* * * *
What ever gave you any sign, any indication, any hint, any suggestion,
That the quantum mystery has ever cared about the personal you,
Except the vanity of the meme into which you were launched.

* * * *
Best to take ecstasies in small measure,
Agonies with a whopping dollop of stoicism,
And moderation as regularly as possible.

* * * *
Who are you?  Who are you not?
What are you?  What are you not?
Where are you?  Where are you not?
When are you?  When are you not?
Why are you?  Why are you not?
How are you?  How are you not?

* * * *
This world is your home.
You were born here,
You will live and die here.
There is no other viable option.
If you do not cherish her, nurture her,
She will return the favor in spades.

* * * *
Surrounded as you are by the sensory play
Of earth, air, water, fire and ether,
You are, have ever been, and will ever be
Totally, irrevocably, without doubt, completely alone.

* * * *
All religion is unnecessary, pointless, superfluous, gratuitous.
Whether one god or many, not one is real, not one is true.
All are imaginary fabrications, collusions of the monkey-mind.
What dogma or idolatry can there be in the indivisible formlessness?