05 December 2014

Four Hundred and Thirty-Two


The ongoing enjoyment of anything is in the comfortable appreciation
Of its fathomable aspects, of its layered subtleties,
Of its unfolding nuances.
And boredom, too much of the same.

* * * *
The human paradigm is all about consumption.
Consumption of the senses, of the mind,
The ever-unfolding differentiation
Of one thing or another.

* * * *
You need not abide the limitation
Of anyone or anything if it does not suit you.
You are sovereign.  Be sovereign.
No permission required.

* * * *
What is anything to you who have seen
An infinity of universes come and go?

* * * *
How long, how short,
How broad, how deep,
How narrow, how steep,
How, how, how,
How it all is,
Is, indeed, a mystery.

* * * *
There is not a personal god,
So much as there is a personal you
That is a mystery called god by many names.

* * * *
That which never sleeps
Is within and without all great and small,
A boundless abyss of tranquility, a mystery beyond compare.

* * * *
The universe is an eggshell, the mind a beak.
Eternal salvation is the freedom of any given moment.
It is the infinite timelessness of awareness that nowness ever offers.