03 December 2014

Four Hundred and Twenty-Eight


Group, herd, gaggle, flock, swarm, mass, crowd, throng, rabble, drove, multitude, company,
Host, army, pack, troop, gang, troupe, party, band, bevy, knot, cluster, bunch,
Posse, crew, surge, stream, huddle, school, horde, hive, mob.
So many words describing groupthink.
An instinctual thing; functional until it is not.

* * * *
Is this really your body, or merely a vehicle, a container, a conduit,
That the actual you only for a brief sense of space-time occupies.

* * * *
Despite all assertions that there is or is not a god,
No one really knows who-what-where-when-why-how,
Which leaves agnostic the only honest perspective.

* * * *
Whether you call it cause and effect,
Karma, fate, kismet, chance, luck, accident,
Consequence, providence, fortune, upshot, lot, result,
Destiny, ordained, designed, predetermined,
All play out in the ever-present now.

* * * *
This eternal moment is all you have.
Whether or not it is where you might wish to be,
Could you be anywhere or anyone else?

* * * *
If yesterday and tomorrow were real,
Why cannot you see, hear, touch, taste and feel them?
Even this moment is forever undone.

* * * *
New day, same old story.
Without fresh eyes, who can discern
The newness under every moment’s starry sky.
Without fresh eyes, what are there but regurgitating puppets
Dancing to the whims of the strings of history.

* * * *
Differences make the world go round,
But it is not they that create the world, the universe,
Or anything operating from the indivisible singularity of all things.