03 December 2014

Four Hundred and Twenty-Six


Once you are dead and gone, just how important is it, really,
How possible is it, even, that anyone remembers anything about you?
How can a few lines in some history book mean anything at all
Once the dust has settled behind those unseeing eyes?

* * * *
To discern the intrinsic serenity of the unfolding moment,
You must detach from all the pleasures and pains
Of mind and body in the sensory plane.

* * * *
Suspend knowing, forget everything.
Be the awareness, absolutely free.

* * * *
So nothing as to be everything.
So everything as to be nothing.

* * * *
Before genesis, you are.
After genesis, you are.
In genesis, you are.

* * * *
Forget everything.
Remember nothing.

* * * *
It is what it is.
All beliefs about it
Are all but meaningless.

* * * *
From awareness springs life eternal.

* * * *
Love is a concept with so many vain definitions
As to be as absurdly laughable as the notion of god.

* * * *
Revenge is really nothing more
Than a captivating loop of hate and violence,
A festering round-and-round of the divisive potential within all.