01 December 2014

Four Hundred and Twenty-Two


Included in the relatively few quotes attributed to or about Jesus in Christian mythology,
And largely misinterpreted by those many inclined to idolatry and dogma:
Know thy Self; Love thy Self; Physician, heal thy Self;
You shall love your neighbor as your Self;
To thine own Self be true;
Husbands, love your wives as your Selves;
Have this mind in your Selves, which was also in Christ Jesus.

* * * *
It is all about synapses, how many there are, how fast they fire.
The Genetic Lottery is the Wheel of Destiny.

* * * *
Eden is still very much present, very much here now.
It is you who must clearly divine its eternal presence.

* * * *
You really believe you have free will?
Only if you are in denial of all that has transpired
In the eons long before you were born.
What will play out will play out
As if choreographed
With unimaginable precision.

* * * *
So much influence established by mindsets
Whose time in the sun was long ago buried.

* * * *
Another wave of human history,
Of world history, of universal history,
In which you must play your itsy-bitsy part.

* * * *
It is naught but a dream,
But just try telling others that.
Some either want to worship or kill you,
Rather than figure out what you are talking about.

* * * *
What vanity to call your Self by any name.
“I Am” is even an assumption of dubious consequence.
Only in complete stillness are you unstained, indivisible, absolute.