27 February 2015

Four Hundred and Sixty-Four


If the reality humankind is creating is not all that appealing, should you pretend everything is wonderful,
Or call a spade a spade, and hazard being unpopular, hazard being shunned by the other monkeys?
To be of the mob, or not to be of the mob, to be alone, or not to be alone, that is the question.

* * * *
Fear is the harvest of all the agony and ecstasy imprinted in the mind and body.
Transcend it via the quantum field where imagination is but a flurry of stardust.

* * * *
Every one’s account of awakeness cannot help but be different,
As are all things that emerge from the ground of consciousness,
Conditioning being such a strong mainstay of its erratic nature.

* * * *
This mystery of this vast creation is a interminable enigma.
The Greatest Story is at best be surmised, never told.
All notions are but speculations of imagination.
Nothing more, nothing less, nothings but.

* * * *
Talk a anyone as much as you please,
It is up to them to listen as sincerely as possible
To get the truest, most viable translation.
It is about inquiry, not dogma.

* * * *
The quantum matrix programming is indivisible,
Indelible, indifferent, inexorable, indissoluble, indefatigable;
Intelligible only through the incisive code-breaking
Of mathematics, art, music, linguistics,
And other paradigms intuited by imagination.

* * * *
The newborn is but simple awareness.
The identity that will gradually in imagination bloom
Will be the mind-body’s nature-nurture adaptation to the sensory play.
The means to survive, to endure physically and psychologically,
The dreamtime into which it has been by chance cast.

* * * *
What need for belief, for hope, for faith, for love, for philosophy, for fealty, for dogma,
For any attributes born of the other which are but ever-moving shadows within the ultimate.
What is, is, and it is an immeasurable singularity prior to any and all quantum theaters.