27 February 2015

Four Hundred and Sixty-Two


The anxiety over death is within those who live in a mind of every sort of dread.
If you are existing fully, if you are born and dying every moment,
Then what fear of the inevitable end finds harbor?
Eternal life is the inexorable grace
Of those who discern their immortal nature.

* * * *
So absorbed by the space-time continuum of your little dream,
That only during rare moments in the given here and there
Will you detach from the mind, a bag of neuron goo,
Seemingly filled with every imaginable inanity
Born of the ceaselessness of consciousness.

* * * *
One must forget absolutely everything to discern that
Which only the utter stillness of presence can know.

* * * *
The human paradigm is steadily approaching
Its not very appealing decline, if not conclusion.
Kind of a reaching-the-edge-of-the-petri-dish thing.

* * * *
What was important yesterday likely is not today.
What is important today likely will not be tomorrow.
What is important tomorrow likely will not be the next.

* * * *
You believe what you choose to believe,
But believing does not, has never, and will never,
Make any falsehood or any fabrication into something true.

* * * *
Suspend the thought process,
The movement of the sensory mind-body,
Rest easy in the essential state, attentive to the ground,
To the eternal in which the many boundaries between within and without
Dissolve into the immeasurable prior to consciousness.

* * * *
To have gotten this far in life, to have reached this very here-now moment in time,
Is pretty friggin’ amazing, considering what it took to endure the agony-ecstasy of it all,
Or that you even managed to somehow survive those many, many very close calls.