13 July 2015

Four Hundred and Seventy-Four


And why should not every day filled with contemplation of the unknown?
Why should not every day, even in the midst of great activity, be a day of rest?
What is it so many are striving to be, to prove, in this most astounding dream of time?

* * * *
From the primal brainstem, the dawn of consciousness
Gradually evolved into the imaginary perception of a separate self.
The inherent collusion of a species on its journey of survival.
In the nothing more, nothing less, nothing but of it all,
The challenge is to move on to the final chapter,
To discern the unconditional singularity,
The origin of all things quantum.
Whether or not that will ever happen
Will be in some far-future-stay-tuned telling.

* * * *
Took a long time to put this world together.
Shame to see it ravaged so thoughtlessly.

* * * *
A writer is precise with words,
A mathematician with numbers,
An artist with color and shape,
An athlete with movement,
A musician with notes.
Each its own genius.

* * * *
The eye of godness is within all,
But it is the rare who seek and discern it,
And the rarer still who become it.

* * * *
Observe your world, your universe for your Self.
What need have you for anyone else’s conclusion?

* * * *
Spend your life helping others wake up to a larger perspective?
Why bother them if they are content in their stewpot of suffering?

* * * *
Ultimately, the task is to move beyond flag-waving for some mind-made outcome,
And discern that you are really a resident, a citizen, of the cosmos across all eternity.