22 July 2015

Four Hundred and Eighty-Two


Why would believe that beyond-the-pale-more-than-unlikely events happened thousands of years ago
When you have never once witnessed anything outside the bounds of natural law?
All are stories born in the forges of one groupthink or another,
Nothing more, nothing less, nothing but.

* * * *
Within the unfathomable immensity of the quantum matrix, holograms abound:
Mirages, hallucinations, illusions, visions, delusions, fantasies, figments.
Where the unreal is made real, form after kaleidoscoping form.
Where every Kansas is an Oz, and every rope a snake,
Until with a sharpened blade of discernment,
The Gordian Knot is cut, and all again real become.

* * * *
What goes through the mind of a child when queried,
“What do you want to be when you grow up?”
Such a peculiar question to ask any soul
Still wafting serenely in the uncarved essence.

* * * *
What a infantile vision of god so many have,
Usually with it being all about them and theirs.
And their all-too-often pathetic, drama-coated lives.

* * * *
Change up the sensory field:
Look with your ears, listen with your fingers,
Feel with your nose, smell with your tongue, taste with your eyes.
In a quantum mystery already well beyond the pale,
What is there that is not conceivable?

* * * *
Best take reasonable care of the body.
It is the portal through which the dream is experienced,
Through which you witness whatever slice of mystery you have been allotted.
Life offers too many challenges to not be able to face it squarely
With as much health and well-being as possible.

* * * *
Might be better to call ‘The Truth’ by some other sound
– The Way, The Mystery, The Indivisible, The Great Zambini, or some such vibration –
So as to avoid making the error of believing it is any kind of thing,
Rather than the ungraspable enigma that it is.