23 July 2015

Four Hundred and Eighty-Eight


All the words and symbols, all the theories and speculations, mean diddly-squat.
It is up to you to discern it on your own, all alone, for your Self.
It is the knowing prior to consciousness.

* * * *
What is it to be completely vulnerable, spontaneous, without artifice,
To bear no vain notion, to merely exist, without concern or motive?

* * * *
What insurance policy is there, really,
That can more than gloss over the suffering
Of this exceedingly mortal existence?

* * * *
Truth is truth, reality is reality,
Bound by neither light nor sound,
By neither form nor concept,
Bound by nothing in all.

* * * *
Right begets wrong.
Love begets hate.
Yes begets no.
Good begets bad.
White begets black.
In everything, its contrary.

* * * *
You may speak the truth clear as day,
But only those hungry for what is real
Can hear a voice from the wilderness.

* * * *
The mind caught in the web of friend and foe
Will find the true enemy is the division within.

* * * *
The great tombs only show how fearful some can become
In their vain attempts to grasp that which is but an enigma.

* * * *
Enjoy your quickly fleeting youth as best ye may for as long ye may,
For you will, if you manage to survive, be geezer or hag soon enough.