22 July 2015

Four Hundred and Eighty-Four


The mind being what it is, how possible is it to ever be completely free of the mindset,
The meme, the filter, the conditioning, the patterning, the habituating, the brainwashing,
Of any given body, any given family, any given group, any given culture, any given origin?
Imagination requires one starting point, one underpinning or another,
From which to launch into the dream of time.

* * * *
A few metaphors from a thesaurus for the mind brewing in equanimity: Composure,
Calm, level-headedness, self-possession, coolheadedness, presence of mind;
Serenity, tranquility, phlegm, imperturbability, equilibrium; poise,
Assurance, self-confidence, aplomb, sangfroid, nerve.

* * * *
Consciousness is the movement within a bubble of manifest awareness,
Whose brief mortal dreamtime allows the grand quantum mystery
To witness its Self in whatever way the genetic lottery spins.

* * * *
Perhaps we should stop deluding ourselves that our kind
And the world at large are heading for a happy ending.
A happy ending only means the story is not yet over.

* * * *
Each and every life form
Perceives its own version of the matrix.
None is more real, none is more true, than any other.

* * * *
Any given life so full of memories,
And all of them, even those just moments ago,
Seem such distant things in the mindscape of perception.

* * * *
What is it to be a man? What is it to be a woman?
What is it to be absorbed, captivated, in some between?
Each and every human being across the world, across time,
Grappling with their reality at the center stage of the given world.
None really right, none really wrong, just imagination having its way.

* * * *
To project our monkey-mind collusion upon the cosmos,
And whatever unknowable mysteries are afoot in the infinity of it all,
Ever falls into a realm of self-deception well beyond the pale of any mortal vision.