22 July 2015

Four Hundred and Eighty-One


What is news but gossip with varying levels of exhortation to give it an aura of great importance.
Why we give attention to unfolding events across the world, or even across town,
Is the mystery of the monkey-mind and its evolutionary roots.

* * * * *
All religion, science, and technology are proving to be ultimately nonsensical.
What is the point, the raison d'ĂȘtre of all this knowledge, really,
If it only ends up in mayhem and annihilation?

* * * *
Knowledge arrives after the fact, and wisdom is its gradual distillation.
And wisdom – for those perchance giving it their attention –
May well discern coming ripples before the fact,
And waylay need for more grappling of the bothersome kind.

* * * *
All knowledge, all assumptions, all speculations,
Are they really anything more than time-bound distractions
From the eternal seamlessness of the nothingness
That can never be more than imagined.

* * * *
There are far too many variables unleashed
To be scientifically sure of anything, really.
A statistical sample is about as good as it gets.

* * * *
The human mind-body is evolved of nature,
But its abstract, emotional, time-bound paradigm
Is not nature’s ingenuous, serendipitous way.

* * * *
How is the human species really any different
Than lemmings irreversibly rushing towards oblivion?
What is this dream but patterns within patterns within patterns?

* * * *
Assume that just about everyone has a number, an algorithm,
No different than any cow or pig or chicken in these our modern times.
You are free to say or do pretty much anything as long as you do not talk too loud,
Or do something annoying, something disruptive, to the powers that be,
Such that your name flashes on some bureaucratic screen,
And the jungle’s bogeymen are unleashed.