23 July 2015

Four Hundred and Eighty-Six


As with any organism great to small born into this whirling garden world,
Human consciousness seeks out similar wavelengths within the spectrum of possibilities,
Thus preserving, spreading whatever perceptions, whatever memes, are harbored in the given mindset.
To discern one’s conditioning, and perchance to be free of it, or at least attentive to it,
Requires a skeptical, introspective nature of the highest order.

* * * *
Those who know of you shall remember both the good and bad about you,
But gradually they will cease thinking about you except in rarer and rarer moments,
Until all traces of you wash away, and you are forgotten completely,
As all things finite eventually are and must ever be.
Vanity is but the wind of mind.

* * * *
The frame of reference, that bag of knowledge, that stew of perception,
Is but a phantasm of consciousness, a.k.a. imagination.
What you really are is prior to it all.
Discern it and be as free as the moment allows.

* * * *
Who knows who, who knows what, who knows where,
Who knows when, who knows why, who knows how,
But the sensory consciousness you imagine you are.

* * * *
Do not confuse what you think or what you do
With the prior-to-consciousness awareness you are.

* * * *
Strands of genome collide and merge into new life.
Each and every one matchless in its own dream of time,
Each and every one an immeasurably vast cosmos unto its Self.

* * * *
What are love, hate, and other four-letter words?
It is in deeds that the truth of any and all are truly known,
Not in the capricious sounds issuing ceaselessly through the larynx.

* * * *
How many things will you thieve before you discern the meaning of honesty?
How many deceptions will you spawn before you discern the meaning of integrity?
How many people will you harm or destroy before you discern the meaning of compassion?
How much life will you live before you realize every act ripples out far and wide?