18 July 2015

Four Hundred and Eighty


You who witness the enigma, ponder the esoteric,
Will take thoughts such as these wherever your mind is prepared to go.
The ground is tilled, the seed planted, the field watered, the shoots trimmed, the bloom harvested.
All for naught in the grand scheme of things, but that is the wonder of it.

* * * *
What would existence be like if you were completely alone for the rest of your life?
Whether in a valley, a forest, a mountain, a desert, a tundra, or an island,
What would it be like to never see another human being again?

* * * *
No set of writings, no persona, no group,
Should ever be accepted thoughtlessly as some authority.
Everything should be approached vigilantly, rationally, with a critical eye.
You are captain of the given mind-body to which you are witness.
Take control of your helm, navigate your own course.
History has its place, but you are here now.

* * * *
Breathe in the cosmos …  breathe out the cosmos …
Breathe in the cosmos …  breathe out the cosmos …
Breathe in the cosmos …  breathe out the cosmos …
What’s to believe?

* * * *
Delusion: an idiosyncratic belief or impression
That is firmly maintained despite being contradicted
By what is generally accepted as reality or rational argument,
Typically a symptom of mental disorder.

* * * *
The mystery, the unknowable you truly are, is utterly anonymous.
Identity is but the temporal fabrication of consciousness,
Of imagination, and its secular attachment to form.
The source, the awareness, is prior to time, prior to mind,
And the rare who fully discern it abide in the unassuming solitude,
The sovereign, unconditional, indivisible, immortal aloneness of eternal life.

* * * *
To accept blindly is foolish, to doubt rationally is prudent.
Why should you accept anything you have not discerned for your Self?
Why accept any fable, any myth, any legend, any folktale, any fairytale, any invention,
Without some reservation, some critical inquiry, some judicious oversight?