25 July 2015

Four Hundred and Ninety-Five


The human paradigm, perhaps the paradigm of all existence,
Is about consumption of the given sensory feed: sights, sounds, tastes, smells, textures.
Experiences of every imaginary scope filling every conceivable moment.
Meditation is a state of beingness less about consuming
Than it is riding the streaming wave,
Impassively witnessing the inexplicably timeless mystery,
That which has neither beginning nor end, cause nor purpose, rhyme nor reason.

* * * *
The many-faced media has had as much or more of a hand in raising you
As anything your family, community, and education may have done.
It is very much a part of the village in these our modern times.

* * * *
Every form is an energy transmutation module,
Every moment taking in and giving out
As the indivisibility of the matrix
Churns on and on and on.

* * * *
‘Twas madness got you here,
And it will be madness that carries you on
Until one demolition ball or another
Strikes your vain notion down.

* * * *
The nothingness of the eternal
Cannot be taught, only learned,
And in the learning, process is all.

* * * *
1) What is it you are seeking?
2) Do you really want an answer?
3) Are you willing even to die to find it?
4) Who but you needs to be satisfied with it?
5) Are you strong enough to endure the aloneness?
6) And, by the way, who are you, really, to ask such things?

* * * *
To discern the awareness prior to consciousness,
You must look prior to all the perceptions, all the memories,
Prior to all the thoughts drifting willy-nilly in the smoke of imagination.
Consciousness is but an imaginary veil behind which is ever the essence you truly are.