25 July 2015

Four Hundred and Ninety-Four


At some point on some day after some tomorrow,
Consciousness as humankind has portrayed it will simply disappear.
And on and on the abiding earth will whirl, until the cosmic dominos fall however they will.
And more likely than not,  despite all science fiction to the contrary,
No alien species will ever come across all the residue
Of our relatively transitory tenure.

* * * *
Of all the knowledge gleaned since the fruit of the garden was figuratively picked,
Your little set is but a speck of a bit of a tad of a drop of a crumb
Of a trace of a fragment of a morsel of a smidgen,
And yet all of the all, all the while.

* * * *
You can likely carry on despite what others think of you,
Unless, of course, they are willing to beat you up, enslave you, or even kill you,
In which case you should probably tread lightly or even run.

* * * *
Identity is a charade born of the monkey-mind in some long ago,
A mortal game that you are forced to play to one degree or another
If you wish to survive for at least a modicum of mind’s potential.

* * * *
The only way any teacher ever becomes truly inspiring
Is if he/she has at least one student earnestly seeking to learn.
For them to happen into each other, well, that, my friend, is the rub.

* * * *
We all have an individual worldview, a unique universe of our own making.
All are equally authentic in their own indelible, imaginary way,
And yet all are created equally of the same origin,
The same inexplicable mystery.
There is no way it can ever be truly changed.
It may gradually evolve into something somewhat dissimilar,
But its roots will always harbor the conditioning of its nature-nurture beginnings.

* * * *
You see and hear and taste and smell and touch
Through the mind-body filter to which you are so attached.
The memes of dreamtime have molded you into a pattern you think you.
Only by discerning the quantum awareness prior to the nature-nurture programming
Can the essential, intrinsic freedom of that which is timeless, that which is eternal life, be truly won.