29 July 2015

Four Hundred and Ninety-Seven


Every religion began as a sect, a cult, of supporters, of enthusiasts, of followers, of groupies,
Who worked very diligently to persuade others they were gatekeepers of the truth,
And should be acknowledged, venerated, and compensated accordingly.

* * * *
To all those who class themselves higher, greater, more substantial,
Know that behind your back, or after you have left the room,
There are many who snigger at your inflated absurdity.

* * * *
Are you really this form, this mind-body?
Or is it merely a vehicle for consciousness to play out its dream,
And you nothing more than a passenger, a witness,
Awareness timelessly observing it all.

* * * *
Until you left the tranquility of the womb, there was no other.
And once you moved out into the roar of the world,
Consciousness began its sculpting,
And here you are.

* * * *
Why would it possibly matter what anyone thinks of you?
Be your sovereign universe, and allow others the same.

* * * *
To which modern time might we be referring?
All modernity has its moment in each and every mind,
And all are forever lost the very instant they become memory.

* * * *
Humankind reached its first billion in 1804,
Its second billion in 1927.
The eighth is predicted around 2026.
Seven billion two-leggeds in just over two hundred years.
The total number who have ever lived is estimated to be a 100 billion or more.
How can any paradise ever hold up to such a feeding frenzy?

* * * *
Attitude is all.
With the flip of a thought, sorrow becomes joy;
Bad, good; bitter, cordial; anger, calm; violent, gentle; arrogant, humble; sour, sweet; dark, light.
The remedy to the ever-conflicted world is the within that is within all withouts.